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The biggest threat against the increasingly complex and widespread use of information technologies today is the cyber security threat. ” Cyber War ” known as ” Fifth War Dimension”, became a serious danger for all public and private sectors, especially organizations providing critical infrastructure services both in civil and military fields. In order to protect the information systems that make up the cyber environment from cyber attacks and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the processed information, the technical architecture, designs and procedures to be used before, during and after the cyber attack must be defined correctly. Woxline, provides “cyber security services” which involves needed education and consultancy in every step for institutions, against using complicated and advanced technology in this threatened area.
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Along these, consultancy service is provided to the institutions that would like to build a Security Operation Center (SOC) which provides an important infrastructure to prevent cyber attacks. Security Operation Center should be considered as a lifecycle, not a one time project. And it should be essential to constantly update and improve this cycle in accordance with the needs of the organization and changes in threats. Woxline has determined the roadmap to implement its knowledge gained in the field of information security for many years in the field of establishing a Security Operations Center and it has been working in this direction for a long time. Woxline, helps institutions to build a Security Operation Center and manage it providing various services during the design of an ideal SOC architecture, the operation and the implementation of the system. In the provision of all these services, the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standard is followed as a guide and it is aimed for the institutions to establish a structure that takes into account the principles of this standard. As well as National and International standards, the principles and procedures regarding the USOM and SOME in the legislation on the subject are taken into consideration.

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