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We build and develop the software that your company needs, regardless of the platform (E-Commerce Software, Web Software, Device Software, Desktop Programs, Mobile Applications, etc.). You can either follow your customers and your team with our CRM applications in the office environment and increase your work efficiency, or increase your production by measuring the performance of your production and personnel with our solutions such as ERP, MRP, Intranet, Automation, Device Software in your factories.
We develop the website of your company in the high technology standards, suitable for SEO infrastructure and mobile, tablet, computer compatible. We enable you to dynamically control your site with a special management panel.
We design e-commerce, corporate or personal mobile applications specially for your needs.
Do not worry about whether your business is small or large, being close or distant to technology, or other factors that prevent you from doing E-Commerce. You can easily create your e-commerce website and start to sell with new generation e-commerce and WOXLINE.
We develop software such as CRM or ERP, MRP, Intranet, Automation for our customers who want to follow up both their customers and employees in the office environment and want to increase their workforce, follow the production in their factory, transform their business process into a standard system and get maximum efficiency from their employees. Or except all of these, we make your project real with our professional team if you have one.
Interaction with the customer does not end with the completion of the sales process. During the product life cycle, answering consumers' questions about the product, identifying problems and directing the customer about the solution of the problems is of great importance in terms of customer loyalty. Therefore, we see the after sale service as a valuable opportunity to transform into loyal brand ambassadors.
Mobile Game
As Woxline, we provide 360 degree marketing service to lots of brand and game companies for 5 years. And in this regard, we continue to make investments and grow our offices in different countries.

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