Strategies For Avoiding Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a significant issue for most eCommerce companies. For the most time, customers spend a considerable time on your online shopping platform. But they rush away when it comes to making the payment. Luckily, several strategies would prevent shopping cart abandonment. Let’s talk about these methods.

The first strategy is implementing exit-intent overlays to let your customers know about your campaigns. This is a technique used by some of the most famous companies. Exit-intent overlays technology identifies that the customer is about to abandon their shopping cart. After that, the page brings up a message about campaigns or discounts. By doing so, companies can significantly reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Another critical method is allowing your customers to see their shopping process. Enable a progress bar to let people know which step they are in. This creates a sense of security and transparency. A progress bar is an excellent way of saying you are a %100 legit eCommerce shop.

The third technique is including several payment gateways. Sure, people can make their payments via online credit cards, but not by choice. Some people don’t want to give their credit cards to a website they don’t know. To solve this problem, work with well-known payment gateways, make your customers feel safe.

There will always be customers who rush away no matter what. Shopping cart abandonment is inevitable to some extent. But you can always win these potential customers back. One excellent strategy is targeted remarketing. Get back to your potential customers, telling them what they are missing on their shopping carts. Use targeted remarketing on Facebook, Google, or Bing to keep up with your leads.

To make things easier, offer guest checkout. Not everybody is eager to sign up for your shopping platform. They might just want to make a single purchase. If you force the signup, the result is shopping cart abandonment in most cases. Well, your main goal should be selling your products, not collecting memberships. Therefore, offer guest checkout to facilitate the process as much as you can.

Lastly, enable cart saving. Some people spend hours and hours filling out their shopping carts. They might want to make the purchase a day later. Don’t let your prospects see an empty shopping cart when they come back. Implement automated cart saving to let them know it will always be there. People will make the payment sooner or later.

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