Strategies to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce volume already exceeded 2 billion dollars in the global market. Of course, the Covid-19 epidemic contributed to this rapid growth a lot and attracted the attention of entrepreneurs. Perhaps, you may be one of these eCommerce owners who realized the potential of eCommerce.

However, with the increasing competition in eCommerce, it is crucial to keep your customers at hand and let them buy your goods without changing their decisions. Cart abandonment is one of the challenges that every eCommerce business owner faces. Therefore, we wanted to compile some strategies to prevent cart abandonment here.

4 Strategies to Prevent Cart Abandonment

You can take precautions and also improve your sales by simply implementing the tips we have shared with you in the following.

1.    Offer Free and Fast Shipping

45% of the users, who abandon their carts, quit shopping because of expensive shipping costs or long shipping periods.

In addition to this, 20% of the abandoners leave because of the uncertainty in costs or shipping periods. You need to make everything clear for your customers and offer them quick and free shipping to boost your sales.

2.    Offer Affordable Prices

Unfortunately, the competition in the eCommerce industry is quite harsh, especially because of the pandemic. Moreover, today eCommerce shoppers are watchful when buying goods or services online. They know that they can find a similar product anywhere. This is why it is important to offer competitive prices.

30% of the online buyers check for at least two websites before they buy any goods or services. Moreover, %50 of this 30%, i.e., %15 of the buyers abandon their carts because they find a cheaper option on other systems.

3.    Don’t Force Users to Register

Another important thing that you need to consider to prevent cart abandonment is not forcing your users to register. The number of online systems that allow customers to purchase products or services is quite high these days. This must be optional, and you need to let customers shop by simply providing their email addresses.

According to studies, 15% of the users abandon their cart due to being forced to sign up. Of course, this is a great drawback, but you can motivate users to register by providing a certain amount of exclusives for new registrations.

4.    Offer Secure Payment Options

Although all eCommerce websites use the same secure payment options, it is important to let your customers know them. Keep in mind that they are not running an eCommerce business and they are not aware of technologies that are a must to run your business.

Therefore, make sure that you put the logos and information of the system you use on the checkout page. You can mention 3D secure or SSL certifications you already own on your systems.

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